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The Cause Of High Moisture Content Of Compressed Air And Its Solutions
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Reasons for high moisture content

One of the reasons for the high moisture content of compressed air is how long it will discharge the water in the gas tank. If there is no discharge for a long time, there is too much water accumulated in the gas tank, and the water content of compressed air will increase. High water content of compressed air also has one of the most important reasons-post-processing equipment (precision oil mist filter, refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer, drainage, etc.)! The main function of these post-processing equipment is to filter compressed air moisture, oil and other ingredients, so that compressed air become pure and no impurities!


Install air compressor post-processing equipment, and regular drainage. The difference between installing and without installing these air compressors is that the moisture content of compressed air at ambient temperature is not installed at 20%-30%%, and the moisture content of compressed air after the installation of these post-processing equipment will be reduced to about 0.01%-1%%, the use of good quality equipment, water will reduce to lower or reach the high standard of compressed air. If the quality of compressed air requirements is not high, air compressor Average daily use of 10 hours, the recommended average to discharge every 3 days and so on the gas tank and precision oil mist filter water, this will reduce the compressed air moisture! If the air compressor is used 24 hours a day, it is recommended that the discharge of automatic drainage equipment can be installed, and so on. In addition to regular air compressor maintenance can also reduce water content!

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