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Harm Of Inferior Filter
- Dec 15, 2018 -

The inferior oil filter has poor ability to filter impurities. This is mainly reflected on the filter paper. If the filter paper is too dense, it will affect the normal flow of the oil. If the filter paper is too loose, a large amount of unfiltered impurities will continue to flow. The long time will lead to The internal parts of the engine are dry or excessively worn. Inferior filter housings have a number of disadvantages. When using inferior sealing materials, there is a risk of oil leakage from the filter housing and engine connections. In addition, surface protection is insufficient and can cause rust when splashed into water. This can also lead to oil leakage. Finally, if the thickness is not enough, or the poor quality of the outer casing material, it may cause the filter to burst and the engine will be seriously damaged. Inferior filters do not have a stable folded foam structure, and have low dirt holding capacity, can not trap small particles, and the filter element is easily broken down, which will cause great damage to the vehicle, which will cause automobile wear and tear. Blocking the oil passage, causing oil pressure disorder and damaging the base auger.