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Filter Dirty Damage
- Dec 31, 2018 -

If the air filter is too dirty, it will cause the engine to work poorly, the fuel consumption will be too large, and the engine will be damaged. If the air filter is checked, if the dust is found to be less, the blockage is lighter, and the high-pressure air can be blown from the inside to the outside to continue the operation. The dirty air filter should be replaced in time.

After the beginning of autumn, the climate gradually became cold, and the windows could not be opened like in summer. The air in the compartment became cloudy and smelly. The lack of air in the cabin helps the growth of bacteria. During the operation of the air conditioner, the air will move in the blower, evaporation box, heater tank and air duct. Regardless of the warm air condition and the cooling condition is still a natural wind condition, the air in the cabin is circulated from the ash filter into the above-mentioned system and then enters the car. When the air circulates, the airflow brings the dust, moisture, bacteria and other dust and dirt deposited on the ash filter into the air-conditioning system. Over time, the mold grows and odor occurs. When the blower is blown or the wind is blown, the natural wind is opened. Under the effect of the wind, the bacteria are blown out of the air-conditioning system and inhaled by the insiders, which constitutes a human respiratory system and will directly affect the health of the people inside the vehicle.