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Difference Between Coalescence Dewatering Oil Filter And Vacuum Dewatering Oil Filter
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The filtration environment suitable for coalescence dewatering oil filter is:

1, suitable for filtration oil containing a large amount of moisture, such as steam turbine oil, oil, etc.

2, the water content is larger, requires a lot of dehydration, show water removal performance

3, the flow is divided into 32 liters, 50 liters, 63 liters, 100 liters and so on according to customer requirements to buy

4, can realize explosion-proof occasions filtration

5, five level filtration system

Filtration environment of Vacuum dewatering oil filter:

1, suitable for filtration oil containing trace moisture content, the effect of water removal requirements is very high

2, the filtration cleanliness can reach the 50ppm below

3, with degassing, deodorant, camel and other functions

4, the cost is relatively high, the effect is better