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Attention To The Selection Of Oil Filter-liquid Phase Properties Of Filtration Media
- Apr 28, 2017 -

In the industrial production system, various kinds of equipment are involved in the use of oil. and the filtration of oil has become the weight of the whole system, for different oil, in the selection of filtration system-filter oil, the need to pay special attention to the performance of oil, oil performance will affect the whole system operation safety and reliability. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following performance of filter media:

(1) Chemical composition of filtration media.

The chemical composition of the filtration medium can affect the separation of particles, and its corrosiveness determines the material of the equipment and filtration materials.

(2) Filtration medium density, temperature, viscosity, etc.

Small density differences may invalidate some separation techniques.

When the temperature rises, the viscosity of the liquid decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature, which not only improves the fluidity, but also is not easy to appear. For example, a heating device is arranged on the outer side of the cylinder of the filtration device to filter high viscosity liquids. However, the hot acidic substances should be carefully controlled temperature.

(3) The ph value of the filtration medium.

The ph value of liquids has a effect on flocculation. Therefore, before adding flocculant, the acid and alkaline of the filter should be adjusted first.

(4) Whether there is a special requirement for tightness.