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Air Filter Function
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Air Cleaner is mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery, internal combustion machinery, etc., to provide clean air for these mechanical equipment, in order to prevent these mechanical equipment from inhaling air with impurity particles during work to increase abrasion and damage. The chance. The main components of the air filter are the filter element and the casing, where the filter element is the main filtering part, which is responsible for the filtration of the gas, and the casing is the external structure that provides the necessary protection for the filter element. The working requirements of the air filter are to be able to carry out efficient air filtration work, not to increase excessive resistance to air flow, and to work continuously for a long time.

It also has different degrees of application in the hydraulic system of hydraulic machinery, mainly used to adjust the internal and external pressure difference of the hydraulic system fuel tank.