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Small oil filter Alarm common sense
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Fine oil filter is a new type of oil filter equipment, the oil filter is convenient to replace the cleaning cartridge, the application is widely used, and the filtration accuracy is easy to control, the precision range is wide, can better filter the solid particles impurities in the oil solution, achieve the ideal filtration effect, in the power plant, steel mills, workshops and so on have a good application.

When the device is running, a overpressure alarm shutdown occurs, the following checks should be made:

1, should check the filter drum pressure is too high, see if the pressure gauge value exceeds 0.3Mpa, if exceeded the hint should wash or replace the cartridge;

2. Inspect the oil valve of the equipment to open properly;

3, inspect the equipment of the oil pipeline to maintain unimpeded;

4. Check whether the head of the equipment is too high, and whether it exceeds the prescribed head range of the equipment.