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Reasons for large oil consumption of unit or large amount of compressed air
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Reasons for large oil consumption of unit or large amount of compressed air

This is the case in most (99%) of the situation in relation to the oil separation, and the specific site and the use of environment.

Reason one:

The installation of the back tubing (and the distance from the bottom of the oil core) does not conform to the requirements, the back tubing should be installed at the lowest point of the oil groove, and the installation location of the back tubing should be carefully inspected.

Reason two:

Seal is not strict, especially the structure of the two-pass (seal is not strict will result in some of the gas is not filtered directly out of oil, take part of the oil, resulting in the air in the oil volume, the unit increase fuel consumption). When installing the replacement oil core, pay special attention to sealing.

Reason three:

The unit has oil leakage phenomenon, at this time should carefully inspect the circuit system of the unit.

Reason four:

Minimum pressure valve, one-way valve damage (the minimum pressure valve damage, will affect the oil-back tubing effect, the oil in the internal agglomeration is not dispatched in time, long time, with the air flow away).